Busted: Buttigieg Gets Caught on Camera Doing Some Propaganda Virtue Signaling

Democrats have certainly raised virtue signaling to a performance art.

CNN’s DJ Judd reported that Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg had ridden his bike to work, “it would appear.”

Buttigieg himself seconded the CNN White House reporter picking up his propaganda.

So nice they work hand in hand that way, does CNN get a cut for the promotion?

But of course, there’s a basic story that is not being said by CNN, but it’s there if you look at the video.

“It would appear” from the video that he was driven close to where he had to go for a cabinet meeting in the SUV, then took the bike out and rode the rest of the way accompanied by someone on an e-bike as well as what looks like at least a couple of SUVs.

So what you see is propaganda being caught in real time. But rather than reporting it as the propaganda it was, the CNN just tweeted out that Buttigieg rode to the Cabinet meeting without saying he was really driven there.

Exactly how much more of a carbon footprint did all this virtue signaling result in than just driving into work, with all those other people and SUVs? But hey, he had his mask on, riding outside, right?

Meanwhile, while he’s engaging in this performative preaching, he’s had no problem with kicking people out of their jobs with Joe Biden shutting down the Keystone XL pipeline. They can just find other jobs. And he has no problem with driving gas prices up and taxing us more on gas because it’s all for the greater climate good.

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