A Tale of Two School Boards (or, Why You Should Listen to Voters)

Last night, two school boards in two very different parts of the country saw some very dramatic changes.

In San Fransisco, a full-on revolution from the parents is underway as three far-left progressives have been removed from the local school board in recall elections. These school board members were responsible for super woke policies and advocated the kinds of COVID restrictions that were hurting, rather than helping, kids. The parents had enough. As we pointed out earlier today, the results are just brutal.

These school board members repeatedly followed woke politics rather than listening to the taxpayers who put them in office. The result was the parents of that school district deciding something had to change. They needed to fire some warning shots and let future politicians know to start listening or else.

What isn’t trending nationally is what happened in Lafayette, Louisiana, last night. In a 7-2 vote, the school board* decided to eliminate virtually all COVID-19 restrictions and policies. The reason for the policy change was simple: Too many kids were getting quarantined due to close contact with classmates. Yet, among these quarantines, few, if any, kids actually were infected by their classmates. They were sent home for several days and never showed any symptoms and never tested positive.

The whole point of the mitigation efforts was to keep as many kids in school as possible. But those mitigation efforts ended up having the opposite effect: Amid the omicron wave we saw, a ton of kids were sent home even though they were never actually sick.

It was as much of a bloodbath to attendance as the recall was to school board members in San Fransisco.

Politically, San Fransisco is pretty progressive and Lafayette is pretty conservative. However, this isn’t as partisan an issue as you’d think. This is a matter of listening to the parents and listening to your voters. In Lafayette, a bipartisan group of school board members saw that kids were missing too much school and heard from a lot of parents upset at how the plan was affecting their children. In San Fransisco, well…

A lot of politicians in power, particularly where education is concerned, really and truly feel that they know better than their voters/the parents whose kids attend the public school system. Regardless of whether they do or not, you should be listening to them since they have the power to take you, a public servant, out of office. They are your boss. Your job is to represent them, not lord over them. That’s the fundamental mistake progressive politicians are making when it comes to the school system.

It is also very clearly showing up in the polling. Multiple Democratic governors are rolling back masking restrictions, and even David Axelrod is now out saying “Well, yeah, parents should be involved.”

The progressive politicians who refuse to listen to their voters and insist on culture war politics and overly-restrictive COVID mitigation efforts are a big part of why the polling for Democrats this year is so terrible. Demographically, all signs are pointing to another wipeout at the hands of Republicans.

You have two school systems here. One listens to the parents. They listened to voters. They made the right call. The other saw a voter backlash that surprised a lot of progressives in a deeply progressive state. That means something.


*Full disclosure: I am an employee of this school system.

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