14% of Yesterday’s New FL COVID Cases Came From Lab Reporting 2,019 Tests… ALL POSITIVE

Tip of the hat to alert Twitter user AllenCo66273228. I’ll just let him report what he discovered.

Shady lab results, indeed.

In fact, even a wee bit shadier than Allen is reporting.

Here’s a link to the Florida data tracker.

If you scroll all the way down to the bottom to a section called Laboratory Testing Data Table, type the name of the lab, NOMI, into the search box and then go to the what’s now the second and final page, you’ll see that NOMI Health reported an additional 29 out of 29 positive tests, bringing the total up to 2019 out of 2019 positive tests yesterday for COVID-19, which of course was named after 2019.

Source: https://business.fau.edu/covidtracker/data/florida-data/

It’s almost like they’re messing with us.

However, either the data has been updated since Allen looked at it or he used the seven-day rolling average rather than the actual number of tests given yesterday. If you go to the very first section, as of now, you’ll see that around 15,000 cases were recorded in Florida yesterday. That means the 2019 out of 2019 positive tests NOMI labs reported amount to around 13.5% of the total. Still, nothing to sneeze at and, as Allen says, pretty darned shady.


Anyway, I’ve reported ad nauseam on how the standard tests for COVID-19 detect minute quantities of “dead” viral remains rather than “live” infectious virus and that, as a result, virtually 100% of positive test results do NOT indicate infection.

As I noted in the most comprehensive report featured above:

But, if a positive PCR test doesn’t mean you’re currently infected with COVID-19, what does it mean?

Well, believe it or not, it might mean the exact opposite. Maybe you were infected but fully recovered days, or weeks, or even months ago and, far from being sick, now have immunity to the virus.

Or maybe some of it was among the trillions of viruses that are always roaming around your system that never rise to the level of infection.

Heck, given that the viral remains are getting amplified over a trillion times, maybe some dead fragments were among the God-only-knows how many microscopic entities living in that sandwich you ate a few hours before getting tested or simply suspended in the air you breathed while walking through the front door.

In other words, what a positive COVID-19 PCR test means is absolutely nothing.

The numbers the medical bureaucrats in charge have been throwing at us might as well have come from a Ouija board.

I’ve also stated the obvious corollary ad naseam: The official COVID-19 stats Anthony Fauci and his blue media minions have used to terrorize us into submission are complete garbage.

No one has the faintest idea how many people have contracted or died from COVID–19 except that the number is a hell of a lot smaller than what’s being reported.

Honestly, getting just as tired of the people who continue to take this BS seriously as I am of the whole sickening charade itself. Even a lot of smart folks perfectly aware of how many crucial lies they’ve been told to keep on believing and regurgitating the underlying narrative.

They’re like the put upon wife who’s caught her husband cheating dozens of times yet neither understands he was that way from the beginning nor evinces any skepticism the next time he calls and says he’ll be working late at the office.

No better way to make a fool of yourself than quoting any of the BS COVID-19 data we’ve been getting.

And a lot of folks are, apparently determined to do just that.

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