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Wanna buy an NFT (Non-Fungible Token)? They’re getting a lot of press. Why? For starters, they’re trendy. Secondly, the valuations are astronomical. And third, just about anything can be an NFT.

Perhaps we should start with defining what it is. It’s a unique digital asset recorded on a ledger, called a blockchain. Owners of the NFT don’t own the copyrights or rights to reproduced it. What’s interesting is that the physical and digital worlds will soon blur as NFT owners may also have the opportunity to purchase the physical item, too. Just ask Bill Gladstone, internationally acclaimed author, literary agent to the stars, and founder of a new NFT company.

We’re in the business of NFTs for the common good. Many charities do silent auctions, for example, in the sale of a piece of art. NFTs give them a chance for a second run at it so that they can continue to raise more money. With authors, one of the benefits for them at any level in their careers could be the auction of their NFT. Each author should at least be able to cover their costs of the promotion as a way of releasing their new book.

Bill Gladstone

Anything can be an NFT

The sheer variety of NFT categories makes them attractive to buyers across all genres. Perhaps you’re a literary buff like Gladstone? Acclaimed author Victor Villaseñor is selling off his own works – in NFT form. If books aren’t your thing, no worries. Gladstone represents Neil Young, Pamela Anderson, and other household names who have embraced this new source of revenue. Perhaps a funky seabass might float your boat: ViciNFT recently ran for the Aquarium by the Bay starring its 250 lb scaly celebrity. The auction winner will receive periodic updates on the 15-year old fish who may live up to 75 years! As a bonus, the auction winner gets to name the fish. If that isn’t already enough, know that Gladstone’s team planted trees toward environmental sustainability.

With Gladstone’s star power, he’s thinking on a much grander scale. Upcoming auctions will feature autographs and other coveted memorabilia that are expected to fetch seven figures. Stay tuned into the company’s website as they offer three to five auctions weekly.

Don’t believe in three strikes and you’re out – it can still happen. The most important advice I can give is be kind. Be kind to yourself, be kind to your family, be kind to everyone you work with and be kind to strangers. Kindness is very valuable in your own success and in the success of the world. We have too much division, anger, and special interests. You don’t have to agree with them, but people may have a different point of view and they merit kindness.

Bill Gladstone

Curious? If you want learn more or think that have a potential NFT, tune into the Grit Daily News Like a Boss podcast to hear more from Gladstone.

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