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Healthtech Startup Wellbe Inc. Raises $2 mln In Series A Funding | Grit Daily News

Wellbe Inc., a Madison-based healthtech startup specializing in improving healthcare with digital self-service tools, has raised $2 minion in Series A funding.

The funding round was co-led by WISC Partners and will allow the startup to accelerate strategic operations for product innovation and to scale into new markets. In addition to these objectives, customer service and platform development will also continue to be a focus for continued growth. Wellbe Founder and CEO James Dias referred to the round by saying::

“We are excited these leading healthcare investors recognize the value Wellbe brings to patients and providers across the care spectrum. We look forward to expanding our market-leading platform to help more providers improve care and build trust with their patients.”

Wellbe’s digital care management platform, which is called ConnectedCareTM, provides orthopedic and pathology solutions to 21 healthcare systems in 16 states. With a satisfaction rate of over 90%, ConnectedCareTM is working to further increase patient engagement and satisfaction by providing useful and easy-to-use information throughout the care process.

The health platform is highly customizable, allowing providers to continuously monitor each patient and stay in touch with them throughout the process, creating high work efficiency and reducing the workload for the providers, while ensuring patients also receive adequate care. Managing Partner at HealthX Ventures and Wellbe Board member Mark Bakken referred to the platform by stating:

“Wellbe connects patients and providers in ways that make healthcare more accessible, effective, and affordable. Wellbe’s higher satisfaction ratings and better care outcomes demonstrate patients are healthier and happier with ConnectedCareTM, and demand among healthcare systems is growing for this kind of innovation and results.”

With the Covid19 pandemic resulting in a lot of pressure over the healthcare labor market, the healthtech startup is helping organizations reach significant trial and operational benefits, helping the industry in these trying times.

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