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Enterprise Analytics Unleash Live Raises $8 mln in Series A Funding | Grit Daily News

Unleash Live, an enterprise analytics startup, has raised $8 million in a Series A funding round led by SafetyCulture to develop its A.I. Apps Store.

Founded in 2016 by Hanno Blankenstein and Jason Grier, Unleash Live is known as one of the world’s leading AI video analytics platforms that help businesses save costs, improve work efficiency and safety. Hanno Blankenstein, Co-founder and CEO of Unleash live, said about the round:

“We’re excited to welcome the combined expertise of SafetyCulture and renowned investor Roger Allen AM, who will drive the continued success of Unleash live and help take us to the next level.”

Since March 2020, Unleash Live’s growth has reached more than 500%. By the beginning of this year, the company had completed a 30 million minute video analysis for multiple use cases. This new investment will help Unleash live expand its team size in the United States and provide the best quality experiences for customers. SafetyCulture CEO and Unleash live board member, Luke Anear commented on the startup’s potential:

“It’s great to see such innovative new thinking in response to old challenges. We recognize the potential of leveraging camera feeds to trigger safer, smarter actions. A.I. video analytics is an enormously powerful data source for an operations platform like ours, and one that many of our customers can benefit from. Unleash live has shown extraordinary growth during the past year. I’m eager to help them support more organizations globally to be better, faster, and more reliable.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has spurred the use of teleworking and video streaming tools, which has allowed Unleash live to become a leading solution for businesses. A.I. analytics are included in the live video by Unleash live to assist testers, financiers, auditors, and regulators.

At present, the enterprise analytics startup’s AI App Store supports about 34 Applications that handle a variety of use cases such as power line fault detection, traffic, and transportation analysis, etc. For the next two years, the company plans to expand the number of applications to more than 200.

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