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6 light spring recipes to welcome the season

That means all manner of lettuces, fresh herbs, peas, artichokes and more. Not seeing a recipe for your favorite springtime veggie? You can search for it using our Recipe Finder.

Grilled Salmon Caesar With Asparagus and Charred Lemons, pictured above. Who cares if it’s not summer if it’s warm enough to turn on the grill! And cool enough to not sweat buckets while cooking. Grill the romaine, grill the salmon, grill the asparagus and the lemon for this gorgeous version of Caesar salad.

Spring Vegetable Soup. Soup season is any season; and this one takes advantage of early-harvest vegetables such as leeks, peas, new potatoes and spinach. Add herbs toward the end to allow them to stay bright and fresh in the broth.

Kuku Sabzi (Fresh Herb Kuku). For this recipe, you’ll need piles of soft, tender, green things: parsley, cilantro, dill, romaine, scallion and, if you can find it, fresh fenugreek (though dried is totally fine). You can enjoy this dish at any time of the day.

Stuffed Artichokes. Frozen, marinated and canned artichoke hearts are a year-round treat, but when you can get the fresh globes, you have to stuff them!

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