Tell us what you have discovered about life in L.A. since the pandemic began

Almost one year ago, large swaths of life in Los Angeles came to a screeching halt.

Mass numbers of Angelenos abruptly packed up their desks and began working from home, leaving only for speedy errands and walks around the block. Many others — such as healthcare and grocery workers — faced the most stressful moments of their professional lives, with COVID-19 making each interaction with a member of the public a tangible risk.

With vacations and even trips to the beach off the table for a time, many coped by looking for the profound beauty in our neighborhoods. At the same time, the ugliness of life in Los Angeles persisted, with the city’s glaring inequities made even more apparent by the pandemic.

As we approach the one-year anniversary of the shutdown triggered by COVID-19, we want to know how your relationship with Los Angeles has changed during the pandemic. Please consider filling out the below form to share your experience with us, and we may include it in upcoming stories.

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