Fortnite’s Shared Wallet Finally Comes To PlayStation

As of Fortnite update 20.40, PlayStation consoles will join Fortnite’s Shared Wallet system, meaning any funds purchased on the PS4 or PS5 can be spent on other platforms, and vice versa. Once this update is live, the Nintendo Switch will be the only platform that doesn’t support the Shared Wallet.

How Fortnite handles V-Bucks in cross-platform play can be a little complicated–any V-Bucks that are earned through the Battle Pass or other gameplay are automatically shared between all platforms, while purchased V-Bucks can only be shared between platforms that support the Shared Wallet.

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The addition of the PS4 and PS5 to the Shared Wallet system will simplify this a little, meaning all funds can be shared between PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Android, and cloud gaming platforms. Only the Nintendo Switch is still wallet-locked, meaning funds purchased on Nintendo’s platform won’t be able to be used on other platforms, and vice versa.

To take advantage of the Shared Wallet feature, PlayStation players should make sure their PlayStation accounts are linked to their Epic Games account, and check that all platforms are logged into the same Epic account.

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