Fortnite buys the dip with stonks skin

It’s all about the gains. 

Epic Games

April Fool’s Day in Fortnite typically involves adding a unique skin for the day. This year is no different as developer Epic Games shows they’re all about stocks, or rather stonks. 

Thursday’s addition to the Fortnite Item Shop is Diamond Hanz, a skin that is a clear homage to the Meme Man associated with the “stonks” meme that became popular during the GameStop trading frenzy in late January. It will only be available for the day, although Epic might bring it back sometime in the future. 

Fortnite Stonks

Time to go to the moon!

Epic Games

At the end of January, video game retailer GameStop saw its stock price skyrocket from $35 to a peak of $483 after traders on Reddit began buying the stock. 

Diamond Hanz will be available only on April Fool’s Day and costs 1,200 V-Bucks, or approximately $10. Fortnite is available on Android, PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles. It’s not available on IOS or Mac due to a legal battle between Epic and Apple

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