Dark Souls Player Beats Game By Throwing Shit At Bosses

A medieval soldier praises a pile of poop.

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Dark Souls gives players a lot of leeway in how they want to approach its challenges, but I don’t think even the developers at FromSoftware envisioned someone someday beating the game with a bunch of poop.

LilAggy, a speedrunner known for setting record times in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, recently decided to see if he could reach the end of Dark Souls while limiting himself to only using the game’s throwable dung pies to defeat its various bosses. The whole thing took over seven and a half hours, but by the end of the challenging ordeal, Aggy found himself standing victorious over the corpses of his poop-covered foes. All in all, Aggy’s dung pie run is a fascinating look at just how freeform Dark Souls can be.

Dung pies, for the uninitiated, are projectile items featured throughout the Dark Souls series. In the original game, they inflict enemies with the deadly toxic status while poisoning you as well, making them situational at best. But if you can hit enemies with enough of these little rolled-up balls of shit and simply outlast them, dung pies can be a potent (if time-consuming) way to deal with troublesome bosses. It just takes some planning, knowledge of attack patterns, and a little patience.

Fortunately, one disgusting merchant in Dark Souls is more than happy to supply you with an endless supply of feces, so Aggy’s run mostly comes down to avoiding bosses as they slowly die from the toxic stench. He does take liberties here and there, such as using non-dung-pie-related exploits to defeat and/or avoid certain enemies that are immune to poisoning, but after seeing him defeat the notoriously unforgiving game’s final boss using just poop, I’m sure you’ll agree that he aced this challenge.

Dark Souls may be nearing its eleventh birthday, but videos like this prove it’s not going away anytime soon.


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