We’ve Tried Hundreds of Blushes—These Are the 19 That Give Us the Perfect Flush

From creams, gels, and balms to sticks, powders, and liquids, the industry has a lot to offer on the blush spectrum. From there, you have to choose a color and a finish (many offer matte and/or dewier or shimmering finishes), which just makes the whole process a tad daunting. How to choose? Luckily, Courtney and I wholeheartedly believe in the instantaneous witchcraft a damn good blush can bestow on a lackluster complexion. (Trust us—it’s the perfect jolt to accent your morning coffee.) So we put our heads together and came up with a pretty epic list featuring 19 of the best blushes money can buy. From affordable options you can find nestled in your nearest drugstore to loftier investment pieces you’ll cherish with skincare-grade ingredients, we have a blush-inducing treat to satisfy every type of color craving, budget, and beauty aesthetic. Keep scrolling! All of the best blushes, according to beauty editors, are just below. 

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