Welcome to the Chat: 2020’s Beauty Launches Editors Couldn’t Stop Texting About

I feel like I need to preface this article: For the most part, as in 80% of our lives, my fellow beauty editor Courtney Higgs and I are very calm, cool, and collected human beings. I’m talking cucumber-level composed, folks. However, when it comes to certain beauty products (i.e., really, really fabulous ones) said ultra-chill veneer goes flying out the window with Golden Snitch–fashioned speed—a true testament we found the right career path. Yep, as Courtney likes to say, truly amazing beauty launches are kind of our undoing and only ever lead to completely “unhinged” back-and-forth messages via Slack, Instagram, text… sometimes all three simultaneously. 

Thankfully (for our sanity), we have a regular series on Who What Wear Beauty that allows us to share the newest and greatest formulas to hit our laps each month, but since it’s the very end of the year and we can actually count on our hands the number of new (2020-launched) products that left a serious mark on our beauty-loving psyches, we thought we’d share. Below are the top 10 best beauty debuts from 2020 that totally blew up the keyboards of our iPhones. Keep scrolling! 

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