Trust Me—This Elevated Skirt Trend Will Always Be in Style

Whenever I want to make an outfit look more expensive or elevated, incorporating leather is the easy path I follow. Whether it’s in a blazer or pants, the classic material always looks luxe. And while the past few months I’ve been wearing my faux-leather pants and blazers on constant rotation, I’m ready to take on a new style: skirts. While it may be something I’m starting to grasp, it’s certainly not “new” in the fashion scene. But I’m seeing more fresh takes of the trend on the market lately, so I knew I had to talk about it. It’s also a perfect way to take the leather look into the transitional weather that’s ahead. 

Below, I searched through the internet to find the most fashionable leather skirts that are out there, in all colors, shapes, and sizes. Whether it’s an all-black version, a classic neutral, or a party-perfect miniskirt, there are a plethora of options below. If you’ve been overwearing your leather pants and want to mix it up with other silhouettes, the skirts below are perfect for you. 

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