This New $16 Serum Replaced My $245 One, and My Skin Looked Better in One Week

It hadn’t been but three days after I’d so superfluously bragged to my dad about the status of my skin, that I noticed a few new bumps around the corners of my mouth, most of which (at the time) were exclusive to the left side. Huh, that’s weird, I thought to myself, not overly concerned and chalking it up to hormones since my period was looming. Fast-forward a few weeks, however, and I was in total panic mode. What had started as a few bumps had morphed into a full-blown breakout, and I was experiencing an ever-increasing flush of red inflammation all around my nose, chin, and mouth that looked more like some kind of crazy rash—hardly the hormonal pimples I was accustomed to. 

Long story short (and fear not—there will be another in-depth story about my experience coming soon to Who What Wear), after getting in to see a derm while home for the holidays, I found out I was dealing with perioral dermatitis and some acne. My skin was a true melting pot of everything that can happen to one’s skin at this point: flaking, scales, bumps, redness, pimples, itchiness… You name it, I had it! I was prescribed a special breed of antibiotics to help clear the flare-up (although my doctor told me it could definitely recur), I went back on spironolactone (a prescription medication that has helped clear my skin in the past), and I began taking neem (more on that below). Last but not least, I was forced to replace my old skin-improving product routine with an entirely new one devoid of any and all actives and exfoliating agents and in favor of barrier-friendly hydrators and lightweight, non-irritating formulas. 

Luckily for me, my need for an overhauled product regimen perfectly aligned with the launch of a brand-new, low-priced skincare brand called Byoma (exclusively sold at Target), which prioritizes practically every single thing I was looking for in new, dermatitis-friendly products: clean, noncomedogenic, dermatologist-approved ingredients specifically designed to improve and repair the skin’s barrier function while simultaneously hydrating, balancing, and brightening. A proprietary Tri-Ceramide Complex is touted as the line’s MVP, and all seven formulas (one cleanser, one toner/face mist, two moisturizers, and three serums) are mix-and-match compatible and boast complementary key ingredients to boost skin health.

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