This Is 2021’s Most Flattering Trend, Says a Color Expert

Daylight savings time is behind us and I’m ready to wear color—this year more than ever. The mood these days is optimism for the year ahead, and spring’s biggest, most cheerful color trend certainly reflects that. If you’ve read any of Who What Wear’s spring trend stories as of late, you probably guessed that that color trend is pink—specifically this spring, bubblegum pink.

I believe that the biggest color trends during any given season are the ones that look good on everyone, and I’m also a firm believer that pink looks good on everyone. There are plenty of examples of this on Instagram right now (some of which I shared below), and almost everyone is wearing that medium, bubblegum pink that so many clothes and accessories come in this season.

To find out more about why pink is such a flattering color, I consulted Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute. She told me, “Pink is a universally flattering color as it has always been associated with a “rosy glow”,  the color of good health, no matter what the skin tone, from the lightest to the deepest.” Additionally, Eiseman broke down exactly which shades of pink look best on cool, warm, and neutral (i.e. neither cool nor warm) skin tones. Scroll to shop the specific tones and see how stylish women are incorporating pink into their wardrobes this season.

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