These 20 Retinol Creams Can Minimize Acne and Wrinkles in One Fell Swoop

We love retinol, plain and simple. It’s one of the most beloved skincare ingredients recommended by derms and estheticians alike for its youth-enhancing properties, but we also now know it to be the reigning champion of acne fighters.

With so many different types of formulas out there, it’s such a relief to know there’s one single ingredient that can decrease fine lines and wrinkles while also catering to one of the most common skincare struggles both teens and adults face. If you’re curious about how retinol performs such sorcery, esteemed dermatologist Macrene Alexiades (founder of Macrene Actives) has the full rundown for you. “Retinol impacts cell turnover to the skin,” she shares. “It reduces sebum activity, therefore working against acne. It also results in a peeling of the skin, causing a resurfacing effect that reduces wrinkles.”

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