The One Thing You Need to Keep Your Leather Looking Brand New

Like with your everyday jewelry and watches, your favorite leather bag or pair of boots is likely in need of a bit of TLC—they’re some of the most worn items in your wardrobe, after all. Beyond taking your precious Chloé C bag in to a leather doctor for major repairs (think deep scratches to the interior, torn linings, and broken straps), the best thing you can do for your leather collection is to get into the routine of using leather conditioners to keep your bags, boots, and belts looking as rich as they day you invested in them. 

The best leather conditioners are designed to deliver as much moisture as possible, which will help repair and prevent cracks, scratches, and much more on your ride-or-die loafers or tote. The key here is to use them regularly enough to repair any existing damage, and to help protect your favorite piece from any other wear and tear—we’d suggest at the beginning of every season as you swap which items are in heaviest rotation in and out of your collection. So, with that in mind, read on to discover the 10 leather conditioners fashion girls swear by. 

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