The One Sweater Trend That Always Looks Triple the Price

Sweaters are a very practical purchase right now, all things considered. You can lounge in them, wear them to the store with your sweats and Uggs, and throw them over your shoulders when you want to look particularly stylish. While fall and winter bring out the best chunky knits in all of us, there is one sweater trend, in particular, that is not only seasonless (which is always a win) but somehow always looks way more expensive than it actually is. The sweater style I speak of is ribbed knits. 

Ribbed knits can take the form of anything from a cozy lounge pant to a fitted turtleneck. No matter how cheap the actual knit ends up being, this particular style always looks triple the price due to the striking texture the ribbing provides, and if you ask me, an outfit that only looks expensive is somehow more satisfying than one that cost you an arm and a leg. Ahead, I have rounded up the 25 best ribbed sweaters that prove my theory that this sweater trend looks pricey no matter how much you spent on it. 

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