The Most Fashionable Characters on TV Walk Into Zara—Here’s What They Buy

In case you haven’t noticed from a few of my stories on here, I love TV. From nostalgic ones like Friends and Gilmore Girls to new ones like WandaVision and The Crown, I like to see it all. Being a fashion editor, what attracts me even more about a show is if it’s got costume designs that spark trends like Bridgerton did to the fashion community after release. I also love Zara, so I decided to combine the two and think about what would the most fashionable characters on TV buy if they walked into a store. Granted, many of these characters can afford much more than Zara (or don’t even live in the same time period as us), but let me just have this ‘what-if’ moment, okay?

I’m always taking fashion inspiration from TV and movies, and when I searched through the Zara site to find pieces that mimic the character’s style, it was easier than I thought it would be. I’m not surprised, since styles and trends are constantly coming back, making it possible for me to still find a Rachel Green outfit in 2021. If you’re also a TV fanatic or just want to pull inspiration from your favorite character’s looks on a budget, then keep scrolling.

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