The Jewelry Trend the Fashion Crowd Is Embracing With Open Arms

I’ll never forget the first piece of fine jewelry I owned: a dainty tennis bracelet gifted to me at age 13 by my stepmom. It was more than just a gift though—it was a family heirloom passed down from her great-grandmother to every woman in the family thereafter, and now, it was mine. I was mesmerized by it. And since I was advised to only wear the bracelet on important occasions, it became a kind of good luck charm for me. I felt special and stylish and, quite honestly, powerful when I had it on. This was the first time I understood the impact a single piece of jewelry can make not only on an outfit but also a person’s mood. Over a decade later, I have collected many rings, necklaces, and more that hold equally important memories. Some were gifts from loved ones to celebrate a major milestone and others I purchased myself while traveling somewhere new for the first time.

After many conversations with people over the years, I’ve learned that jewelry is very personal to nearly everyone. Take my co-worker, fellow editor, and friend Anneliese Dominguez, for example. We were recently chatting about what Valentine’s Day gifts have felt the most memorable over the years, and we both found ourselves romanticizing moments with jewelry. The reason is simple really: We feel good when we wear our favorite pieces. Good because our outfits are infinitely more unique and good because we are wearing a little reminder of important memories, travels, or ambitions. So why not do more of that in 2021? Anneliese is already one step ahead of me, styling all of her favorite spring looks with the gorgeous Rose des Vents collection from Dior, featuring spring’s best jewelry trend: good luck charms.


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