The “Boring” Basic I Lowkey Need In My Closet Immediately

With the rise of the comfy wardrobe, we’ve seen the resurgence of some “boring” basics. Among them, button-down tops, slouchy pants, and leggings, which have worked their way back into the outfits of fashion people in a major way throughout 2020 and 2021. Another piece that has been bubbling up more recently? Black cardigans. While the staple might sound anything but exciting, it’s been spotted on the recent runways at Jacquemus and Altuzarra, which always means it’s something to keep your eye on. Plus, it’s been a key piece in the cool outfits on Instagram that have been on my radar recently.

The trick to pulling one off? It all comes down to the styling. Whether wearing tucked into jeans with a blazer layered on top, or with a pair of micro hot pants, the sky’s the limit. Ahead, I’m highlighting some of the best black cardigan outfit ideas to get you inspired. These are certainly making me rethink how to wear the closet basic.

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