The Best Times of Year to Buy Clothing for Less

Is it just us, or does scoring a great piece for a ridiculously affordable price also make you feel weirdly victorious? It’s that feeling of somehow cheating the system or being let in on an insider secret. It’s the reason why we always take the time to tell you about the latest sales from our favorite stores and sites—both online and IRL—and why we never hesitate to share our favorite places to find affordable items.

Today, though, we’re taking the guessing out of it to bring you our ultimate guide on which items to buy to maximize your savings while minimizing the time and research that goes into hunting down sales and clipping coupons. We devised this handy guide detailing the most opportune times to buy certain items. Not only will it make you feel like a delightfully savvy shopper, but you’ll also save a pretty penny too. Ahead, discover the best time to buy these 14 fashion items on sale. 

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