The 5 Basic Skincare Products You Need in Your 20s

My complexion has never been flawless, poreless or perfect (or any other adjective the beauty industry might have you covet). I experienced my first bout of hormonal acne as a teen, suppressed it for as long as possible with a strong contraceptive pill and have spent the past few years learning about skin health and the products you should have in your arsenal to manage scarring, pigmentation and adult acne.

This list of products is by no means comprehensive, but for me, it’s a basic tool kit that everyone in their twenties should be able to use to keep skin as happy and healthy as possible. Your 20s are often a period of intense change, and there’s no doubt my skin has been at its most blemish-prone when I’m under stress. In these instances, I’d recommend sticking to a simple “cleanse, treat, moisturise” routine—and don’t be too hard on yourself.

Today, I still have spots, but I’m managing to learn what triggers them and how to calm them when they do appear. I’ve found products that have worked wonders with reducing acne scarring and am beginning to introduce formulas to help with how I might want my skin to look in the future. Most importantly, though, when I look in the mirror, I feel pretty content with the skin I’m in. This comes with time, not products, but I hope these recommendations will help you on your way.

Keep scrolling for the five skincare products and the accompanying routine you need in your 20s, and advice from top skincare experts.

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