The 4 Spring Trends This Parisian Mom Borrows From Her Daughters

As a fashion editor, I aim to please. When I wrote a story last fall about an exceptionally well-dressed Parisian mom of three, you readers lapped it up, so I tapped her again for a spring-focused story. Elisabete Bento may not have quite the Instagram following as her influencer daughters Salomé and Tamara Mory, but her style is undoubtedly just as strong

I asked Elisabete about the spring and summer trends she borrows from her daughters, and she came up with a handful of stylish, wearable, and French-approved recommendations. One look at the trio’s Instagram pages and you can tell that they share clothes often, proving that their favorite pieces are great for any generation. Scroll down to read and shop her top warm-weather trends. 

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