“Shackets” Will Be the Most Popular Jacket Trend This Fall, and That’s a Fact

In need of a trendy yet practical fall jacket? Well, then you have come to the right place. It just so happens that one of this season’s heaviest-hitting outerwear trends is what we like to call “shackets.” Shackets are exactly the sartorial hybrid you’d imagine—a shirt and a jacket combined into one. This jacket trend tends to always run a tad oversized, is most commonly seen in plaids or flannel materials, and is currently bubbling up everywhere from the market to Instagram. 

Shackets are an ideal fall outerwear choice as they were essentially designed to be layered. Wear one over a thin turtleneck or sweater, layer one underneath a coat, or button one all the way up for a full-on shirt effect. No matter which way you go styling-wise, you’re bound to look on-trend with one of fall’s best shackets on your back. 

Ahead, shop the 27 best fall shackets on the market including a plethora of styles and price points for your shopping pleasure. 

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