People Call Me The Queen of Turtlenecks–Here Are the Ones I Thoroughly Stan

After nearly four years of knowing fashion writer Emilia Petrarca, three things immediately come to mind: her big dark curls, her relatable and witty Twitter account, and last but not least, her devout love of turtlenecks: “My dad was always in a turtleneck; my parents dressed me in turtlenecks; I grew up in New York City, the black turtleneck capital of the world,” says Petrarca. If you know her, you’ll also know that the wardrobe staple is basically her style trademark–from utilitarian performance zips, to trendy sheer second skin tops and luxurious knit sweaters, Emilia is an equal opportunity turtleneck collector. At this point, you could call it a lifestyle. “Turtlenecks make me feel secure — physically, emotionally, mentally. I’ve even started wearing them to bed. (This year was rough, okay!) Who doesn’t love a turtleneck? We all know they make you look smart. (Sometimes deceptively so…) We all know the Rock wore one with a silver chain and that Drake likes to dance in them, and that both of these men are kinda corny. But at this point, I simply cannot imagine wearing something else in the winter months.”

Because my closet could never not use an added turtleneck to the roster (it’s been an unseasonably chilly week here on the west coast!), I turned to the queen of turtlenecks herself for her seasonal recommendations. She sent me a list of her favorite “turts”–as she calls them–detailing what makes each worthy of a buy. You should already know that I can’t keep a good recommendation to myself, so I’m sharing the list of Emilia-endorsed turts to get you correct into the season ahead. Keep scrolling below to see them all.





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