New Neckline Alert—This Fall Micro-Trend Will Update All Your Basics

There is a new micro-trend in town this fall and winter season and thanks to the endless amount of online shopping I do, it was pretty easy to spot. I slowly started noticing that the necklines on everyday basics such as long sleeve tees, bodysuits, and sweaters had morphed into a new shape. That shape is completely asymmetric and either slip off the shoulder entirely or makes a sleek little cutout but neither occurs without making the distinctive angular shape around the neckline.

This subtle yet exciting new detail is the perfect micro-trend to add to your assortment of basics for it proves to be just as versatile while still offering that bit of spice you look for when wearing a new trend. This one is easier seen than explained, so I’ll let the 27 asymmetrical tops ahead do all the talking for me. 

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