My Mom Is 46 Years Older Than Me, But We Both Use These 10 Skincare Products

So that’s kind of what inspired this piece. Over the holidays, I spent about three full months in Arizona where my parents retired, and in that course of time, I recommended tons of different products to my mom. I’m consistently gifted more products than I can humanly try as part of my job, so to get a second opinion on new launches or just whenever my mom was in need of something new or extra special, I’d set a few things on her vanity for her to test-drive—some she loved and some she, well, didn’t. Here, we’re celebrating 10 skincare products that are so effective and fabulous that we both love, use, and recommend them despite the 46-year age difference in our skin. Below, I asked my mom to share some insight into why she loves each of the all-star formulas, and to round it all out, she’s sharing a few makeup products she’s fallen in love with since I turned her on to them as well. Keep scrolling! Ten skincare products that we love for all ages are just ahead. 

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