My Friends Wore the Bushwick Birkin Before Anyone—They Say These Items Are Next

When editors try to gauge what’s trending for upcoming seasons, it’s typical to look to the runways, but sometimes the most impactful and persistent trends stem from the people you know. Take the Telfar bag–or otherwise affectionately known as the “Bushwick Birkin”– It may have just exploded to cult-like status this year, (Oprah even placed it on her list of 2020 Favorite Things), but I noticed it within my Brooklyn neighborhood on the arms of my friends, colleagues, and acquaintances going back to 2018. When something is so good that it becomes ubiquitous among stylish people, the editorial world can’t help but notice. It’s instances like this that cause me to weigh my friends’ opinions of fashion just as heavily as the designers that make them. 

As we approach the new year, my mind is ever more conscious about what’s next for the changing fashion landscape. I consulted five of the coolest people I know (including those that were hip to Telfar way before it blew up) about the fashion buys and trends they see dominating 2021. Read on to see their full fashion forecast.

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