My Friend Wants to Elevate Her Style—I Told Her to Try These Under-$100 Items

During one of my many recent phone calls with one of my best friends, the chat ended with a style conversation (as it often does). Essentially, my friend wanted some fresh advice on a few items she could add to her current offering that will elevate her day-to-day style. Given that she’s spending a lot of time at home, she wanted just a few comfortable-yet-chic pieces she could wear for various Zoom meetings, along with some sleek finds that would also work if she does happen to be out for errands and such (socially distanced and in a mask, of course). I actually had a range of items in the back of my mind to recommend based on what I’ve seen in the market while researching for various stories.

The pieces in question all feel incredibly modern but are versatile enough to mix into a wardrobe full of basics and other staples. Oh, and the items happen to be under $100. Intrigued also? Keep scrolling to first find the five pieces I told my friend to consider and a smattering of other treasures I think you could be interested in as well.

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