Mary-Kate Olsen Wore the Boots Trend That’s Overtaken All Others

Like I’ve mentioned before, Mary-Kate Olsen is nothing if not consistent with her outfit choices. Dark colors and long coats are Olsen signatures, so we wouldn’t expect anything less this winter. Photographed in New York City, Mary-Kate managed to make an all-black outfit look anything but boring thanks to a couple of key accessories—most importantly, her boots.

Square-toe boots like Mary-Kate’s have proven to eclipse basically every other boot trend out there. We made that proclamation back in September and stand by it today. Yes, the trend was technically around last winter too, but this season I’m seeing them everywhere I look—and I look at a lot of online retailers since it’s kinda my job. Scroll down to see how her square-toe boots and croc-print bag make her outfit. 

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