Mark My Words—These 5 Trends From Paris Will Be Everywhere in 6 Months

Optimism and luxe comfort are two ways to sum up the F/W 21 collections from Paris fashion week. We’ve now passed a year of our “new normal” and a fashion moment marked by loungewear and sweatpants, but designers are offering up a cheerful look at where fashion is headed for fall 2021. From bold, saturated hues to looks fit for a nightclub to luxe, plush outerwear, so many designers have woven optimism into their collections with clothes that imagine a reopening world—and what we’ll all be wearing in it.

So, what, exactly does that look like? Ahead, let’s dive into the 5 biggest trends from Paris fashion week. Consider this your digest of the most noteworthy trends and standout looks that are poised to define fashion in the coming year. Fashion is certainly looking bright in the months ahead and this editor is very here for it.

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