Katie Holmes Is Already My Fashion Hero—Now I Have Her Beauty Secrets to Match

I was exactly 5 years old the first time I laid eyes on Katie Holmes, and it was exactly then that she became my ultimate hero. My older sister watched Dawson’s Creek religiously, and not only did I think the show was the best thing since sliced bread, but I also thought Joey Potter, Holmes’s iconic character, was the coolest person alive. (I may have even told my sister at one point that I wished I could trade her in for Joey—sorry, Lorena!) Alas, I’m veering off topic.

My first Dawson’s Creek viewing may have been over 20 years ago, but my admiration for Katie Holmes, and her incredible fashion and beauty aesthetic, has yet to wane. (I’m not alone here, right?!) In fact, if I ever lived in an alternative universe where Holmes had access to my camera roll or IG saves, she would, no doubt, be completely unnerved by how many street style and red carpet shots I have of her stored in my phone. Always relaxed but somehow perfectly polished and put-together, Holmes is most definitely one of my all-time biggest fashion heroes. But being the beauty editor I am, I’m also extraordinarily interested in her beauty regimen.

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