Jill Biden Just Wore Fishnet Tights With Ankle Boots—and I’m Obsessed

Apologies in advance for referencing an overused Mean Girls quote, but Dr. Jill Biden is not a regular First Lady. She’s a cool First Lady. How do I know? She just wore an unexpected yet totally refreshing outfit on her plane ride back to D.C. from California, where she was visiting vaccination sites.

Earlier this week, Biden wore a more “traditional” First Lady outfit that consisted of a suit jacket, pencil skirt, and pumps. But just like many trailblazing women in her role before her, Biden doesn’t want to be confined to so-called conventional political fashion. She swapped the pencil skirt for a flowy leather-trimmed dress with fishnet tights and traded in the pumps for more casual ankle boots. Who can blame her for wanting to be more comfortable and feel more like herself on a long plane ride? The result is a cool and relatable outfit I’m obsessed with. Scroll down to see how First Lady Jill Biden styled fishnet tights flawlessly. 

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