I’ve Moved Between L.A. and NYC Four Times—These Pieces Work in Both Cities

It’s an age-old debate: Los Angeles or New York? I couldn’t decide, so I moved across the country four times. Yes, that’s right—four times. And not because I’m a deranged masochist. I had perfectly good reasons each time. First, I moved to NY from L.A. for college (I’m an L.A. native). Then, when I graduated, I came home for a job. A long-distance relationship ended up bringing me back East until 2018. At that point, my boyfriend and I were pushing 30. Better weather and more space became a non-negotiable and a final pilgrimage was made West where we now happily reside. 

Suffice to say, if there’s one person you should trust when it comes to knowing which stylish pieces work in both cities, it’s me. And in my experience, it’s all about versatility. The six chic staples below can be dressed up or down, layered for the cold, or stripped down when it’s hot. Whether you’re in Soho or Silverlake, I’ve got you covered.

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