I’ve Made the Jump to Heavy-Duty Anti-Aging Products—Here Are My Recs

There was a time (a long time, at that), post-getting interested in skincare, when I used to say “Oh I’m too young for that” about many products and treatments. For the most part, those days are over. As a 37-year-old, I’ve made the jump from low-key anti-aging products to more heavy-duty ones. And although my skin can be pretty dry and sensitive, I’ve managed to find highly effective products that don’t cause a ton of redness and flakiness (with a bit of trial and error, that is).

Apart from the occasional Clear + Brilliant laser treatment (highly recommend!), I very rarely get facials and instead prefer to spend money on skincare products that I can use repeatedly. Considering that most people don’t believe me when I tell them I’m 37, I think it’s paid off (but it should also be noted that I try to stay out of the sun and wear an SPF of at least 30 on my face every day). Below, learn more about the 19 heavy-duty anti-aging products I can vouch for.

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