I’ve Lived in NYC, Paris, and L.A.—These Are the Fashion Essentials I Swear By

While I talk about fashion on the regular and share snaps of what I’m wearing, travel is another big personal interest that demands most of my other attention. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a fascination with travel—a passion that I attribute in part to my Sagittarius inclinations. Even though my travel plans have been put on hold this year, there’s no denying the impact all of my past travels have had on me. Notably, the cities I’ve lived in. Over the years, I’ve spent as much time as I’ve been able to exploring new places and moving to new cities, which is why I’ve lived in NYC, Paris, and L.A. during my adult life.

Each city is known for fashion in its own way, but it’s clear that there’s a distinct take on style in each place. Living in each of the cities, I picked up on some key styles lessons that helped shape how I dress today. In Paris, fashion revolves around sleek, timeless clothing essentials in a neutral palette and clean lines. In New York, there’s more layering and attention to trend-forward pieces. And in L.A., it’s all about a relaxed-meets-cool wardrobe.

Ahead, I’m highlighting the trendy fashion essentials that I was inspired to wear after living in each city. At this point, they’re all part of my core wardrobe, but I’ll dive into why each city inspired me to add them to my closet.

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