I’ve Lived in NYC and Miami—These Are the Biggest Style Differences

From the drastic difference between a New York winter and a Miami one (if it can be even called that, as I sit here writing this in 85-degree weather in December) to the innate energy of each city, the style similarities between New York and Miami are hard to come by.

As a fashion editor, entering new style territory has been an enjoyable task to take on over the last several months. I’ve traded a majority of my pants, from denim to workout leggings, for shorts and skirts, and I’ve kissed most of my boots goodbye for the time being and have ushered in a plethora of sandals. And yes, I find myself asking why I felt the need to pack all 100+ of my sweatshirts and sweaters. New moves always foster new beginnings, and I have realized it has also brought out a different style side in me. Though it’s no secret that I love bikinis, I have begun to tap into a more colorful, flirty side of fashion.

While I will always be a Manhattan girl at heart, I am embracing Miami’s culture, and most importantly, having fun with the fashion. Keep scrolling to discover the main style differences between NYC and Miami, and decide which one is for you.

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