I’ve Been a Stylist for 24 Years—This Is the One “Forever Trend” I Stand Behind

Discovering and fine-tuning your personal style is a journey. For Roz Kaur, the process is near to her heart given her adoration for fashion as a way to express herself. She’s been experimenting with style for a long time—especially with her work as a stylist over the last 24 years. While she continues to uncover new inspiration to shape her style, she now has a defined aesthetic. On that note, there’s one trend that’s stuck with her over these years that’s signature to her: the tailoring trend. In fact, she basically considers it a “forever trend” because it’s one she’ll always stand behind thanks to the timeless nature.

“I don’t believe in menswear or womenswear,” she said. “I wear what I like, and below is how I make these beautiful, functional, and adaptable pieces my own.” If you keep scrolling, you’ll see the tailoring items Kaur turns to often, including trench coats and blazers. You’ll also find accessories to team with the tailored items, a range of visual references to showcase how Kaur styles the pieces, and inspired shopping picks.

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