It’s My Favorite Season: Here Are 16 Fall Pieces I Want to Make Mine

Been itching to shop? I mean, Yes, duh, always. I’m totally a lost cause come fall. I swear: I just look at my credit card and a handful of purchases show up on my bank statement. It’s especially true this year, though, probably because, like many, I’ve mostly been buying comfy loungewear to fill out my work-from-home wardrobe. But I have a new pair of boots ready for their debut, and my sweats just won’t cut it.

I’m looking for shiny and fresh must-haves like these extra-special leather-coated jeans from AG or even a buttery-leather jacket that’ll give me the edge factor I’ve so been lacking this year. Okay, fine, I’m just looking for anything good at this point, and I imagine you are, too. So prepare for 16 seriously good casual dressing picks up ahead…

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