I’m Reintroducing Dark Jeans Into My Wardrobe—5 Outfits I Want to Try First

Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t like wearing pants. No, not like that—it’s just that I wear shorts, skirts, and dresses up until the last degree of Fahrenheit possible. This takes me to the predicament that occurs come winter when my closet is filled with summer clothing, and all I have that’s remotely wintery is leather leggingsNow don’t get me wrong. Leather leggings are absolutely fabulous, but they have their limitations. I can’t wear them every single day, they aren’t always office-appropriate, and they don’t go with just anything. And then I found the solution: dark jeans.

Dark jeans are my new winter go-to. They immediately elevate any outfit and do so with comfort and ease. Plus, you can wear them with something as elegant as a silk blouse or something as cozy as a sherpa sweatshirt. I think, perhaps, one of my favorite things about dark jeans is that there’s no such thing as having too many. With such a variety of washes and styles, it’s easy to justify adding a new pair to your wardrobe. And everyone loves a good reason to do just that. Keep scrolling to see the five outfits I can’t wait to try first.

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