I’m Obsessed With Sun Protection—Here Are My Favorite Wide-Brim Hats

In case you missed it, last summer I wrote about what it was like having skin cancer at 20 years old. Luckily, the two spots were removed without issue, but the experience sparked a lifelong dedication to sun protection. In addition to sunscreen, hats are my favorite way to shield myself from the sun. Considering that both of my basal cell carcinomas were on my forehead, wearing hats outside is a no-brainer for me—and should be for you, too!

Below, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite wide-brim hats that are not only practical but stylish as well. From affordable versions to luxury buys, there’s something in this roundup for everyone. Not to sound like a broken record, but don’t forget that SPF even if you’re wearing a hat. 

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