I’m Going on My Very First Ski Trip—Here’s What I’m Packing

My idea of a vacation includes lying on a soft, sandy beach in a bikini, doing as little as possible. After living in New York for almost a decade and battling against the snow each winter, I’ve done my part to actively avoid having to trapeze through slippery slushy ice and polar vortex–level cold. But somehow, my best friend coaxed me into doing what I’ve evaded most during the past few years: going into the snow and for a vacation no less. Before the cold weather completely lets up, we’re heading to the snowy mountains of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. And of course, being in a snowy resort town means skiing and snowboarding abound—I couldn’t be more (reluctantly) excited.

While this trip definitely requires me to break out of my shell and embrace something new, I’m most looking forward to planning my outfits. As a first-time skier, I had absolutely no idea what to include in my suitcase, but thanks to a little shopping research, I have plenty of style inspiration to reference.

It seems that every fashion person in existence has gone on a ski trip this season, which has been to my advantage, as I’ve been able to discover stylish pieces that nail that quintessential après-ski aesthetic. At least if I fail at sliding down the slopes (which I’m totally expecting to do, BTW), I’ll look good doing it. Below, I’ve gathered 24 of the core winter-weather pieces I have in mind for my upcoming trip. Big Aspen vibes ahead.

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