I’m Fashion-Obsessed and Live in the Midwest—These Are the New Trends I Swear By

I recently came across Dana Marie’s refreshing and inspiring feed, @daintydanamarie. She’s an over-50 influencer who’s quite fashion-obsessed (you can tell from her forward outfit ideas). And while age has absolutely nothing to do with what you should or shouldn’t wear, that style POV over-50 women have is often intriguing given the sartorial experience. It also piqued my interest that Marie lives in the Midwest (Chicago to be exact). I grew up in the Midwest also, so I’m always interested in uncovering the looks my fellow Midwesterners are into.

On that note, I wanted to dig a little deeper into the fashion moments Marie is particularly feeling these days. She ended up sharing a list of the six specific trends she swears by at the moment to complete her freshest looks. Below you’ll uncover the looks that matter to Marie right now, complete with a variety of inspired shopping picks in case you’re interested in adding one of her go-to pieces into your wardrobe this season as well.

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