I’m an Expert Amazon Basics Shopper—These 3 Under-$30 Finds Are So Good IRL

Hi, I’m Allyson and I try on lots of Amazon basics (a few examples here, here, and here). I’m well aware that Amazon can be a very overwhelming place, so I’m here to help you navigate the fashion aspect of it whenever I can. (When it comes to lightbulbs and electronics, you’re on your own.) Recently I ordered a few basics that I’m sure will take me straight into spring. The reviews were good and they’re all under $30, so I thought, why not?

I’m happy to report that my order was a successful one, as all three items are keepers. I went with a pair of khaki pants (a trend you’re going to want to buy before spring), a wildly popular turtleneck sweater, and a lightweight crewneck sweater that’s perfect for spring. Keep scrolling to see my latest Amazon basics obsessions and shop them for yourself if I’ve successfully convinced you.

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