I’m a New Yorker That Wears Zara Often, I’m All About These 6 Chic Pieces RN

Elaine Davis is always one of our go-to sources for effortless style inspiration. She’s lived in NYC for decades, and has perfectly mastered that easy yet chic vibe for that life in the city. While she turns to a variety of stores to create her forward ensembles, there’s one retailer she has been shopping at often to uncover some of her go-to pieces. Yep, we’re talking about Zara.

“Every season I pull looks from my closet of staple pieces, but always look to one of my fave retailers, Zara, for a few goodies to sprinkle in here and there,” she said. “I’ll grab an on-trend piece or two, along with a few classics like a white button-up, sweater, or a timeless coat to refresh my wardrobe.” With that in mind, we thought we’d dive a bit deeper into more of the specific pieces she’s all about right now.

Keep scrolling to check out the Zara items Davis has added into her wardrobe or is looking to mix in this season. Naturally, there’s also visual and shopping inspiration coming your way as well.

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