I’m a Mom That Lives in Leggings—These Are the 4 Styles I Wear the Most

I distinctly remember when leggings started to pop up everywhere. I was dying to wear a pair of my own but felt self-conscious bringing attention to my muscular calves. While out shopping, I would longingly watch when I happened to spot someone wearing classic black leggings usually with an oversized sweater and newly-trending ballet flats. This was a rare sighting at the time, so I’d always point out the look to my then-boyfriend or to my best friend. Fast forward to today and you wouldn’t be able to keep count of the amount of people in leggings you spot in a day. Much to my surprise, I, too, now live in the ubiquitous pant style.

Maternity leggings were my official breakthrough. It wasn’t until I was pregnant with my first child that my self-consciousness over my legs eased and I slipped on a pair of comfortable, high-waisted leggings. That was over 4 years ago, in which I had another baby, and I have never looked back. I can’t help it—the pant style is not at all restricting when dealing with two little ones, plus it makes dressing super easy due to their versatility.

The styles I wear the most can be broken down into four categories: for lounging, for elevated affairs, for everyday, and for working out. Each group has varying characteristics from fabric options to the fit, the colors, and ankle styles. Ahead, see both how to style each category and where to shop my top picks for each.

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