I’m a Makeup Novice, so I Got a Professional to Give Me Tips—See the Results

How long have you been a makeup artist? And what do you love about makeup?

I’ve been a makeup artist for over eight years. What I love about my career is being able to create, transform, play with color, textures, shapes, styles, get out the rules or norms, and also sometimes innovate by creating trends. Being able to travel and work alongside other artists has also been amazing. I’ve done so many things that only reaffirm my love for makeup. 

What’s the number one tip you’d give to a novice when it comes to makeup? 

My number one advice I always give is don’t be afraid of experimenting. Makeup is a lot of trial and error. Whether you’re a professional or just a makeup enthusiast, I always say that you have to go through everything. After you have tried it all, then it’s easy to define your niche. This also goes for your signature look. We all have one, but before you commit to a forever red lip or black liner, try a smoky eye, a colorful look, a pink lip, or whatever is calling you to try. 

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