I’m a Fashion Editor Living in L.A.— Here’s Every Staple I’m Buying This Season

Regardless of which coast you’re on, a few things remain the same once winter enters the equation—stocking up on cozy knits and jackets, mornings with a hot latte—but as time inches closer towards spring, that’s where things begin to deviate. As an experienced New Yorker, turned experienced Los Angeleno, I can definitively say that the staples I’m reaching for right now are significantly less severe than if I were making it through the residual cold of early spring in the city. Instead of heavy-duty coats, I lean towards mid-weight jackets, and instead of fleece-lined pants, a comfortable knit is now my go-to. The list can go on and on, but I’ll spare you the details and will jump right into it: below, I’ve outlined every single staple I’m investing into this spring. From statement prints to saturated shades, these are foolproof pieces to usher in a new season on-trend. 

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